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What was the first thing to cross your mind when you woke up this morning? If your first thought was where to find drugs, you could be in trouble. Maybe you have been taking legal prescriptions for some time, and now find that you can't stop without feeling sick. Perhaps you experimented with street drugs and developed a habit you can't shake. Don't worry. There are a number of confidential addiction treatment facilities in Bridgeport, CT that offer safe and comfortable drug detox. Bridgeport Drug Rehab Centers can help to seek a reputable rehab facility in your neighborhood.

What Is Drug Detox

Drug Detox in Bridgeport, also called ‘detoxification,' ‘withdrawal,' or ‘kicking' is what happens when an addict stops taking an addictive drug. Narcotic pain pills, Fentanyl patches, crack and powdered cocaine, benzo sedatives, and methamphetamine or ‘speed' are some of the drugs used by people who check into a drug detox treatment center. A similar withdrawal process occurs when an alcoholic stops consuming liquor.

Detoxifying is a natural process that can be more than miserable, especially for people who have been dependent on drugs for a long time. Fortunately, modern drug and alcohol detox centers can offer a range of medical options to ease you through the most harrowing parts of the drug detox process. Whether via medical intervention or by "going cold turkey," detoxification is a crucial step on the path to wellness and recovery, explains the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Withdrawal Symptoms You May Expect in Drug Detox

The first hours and days of detox can be exceedingly intense, especially for addicts who are used to consuming a substantial amount of narcotics or anti-anxiety medications. Within hours of the last dose, the user feels anxiety and unease. They may worry, pace, and sweat to access. Watery eyes and a runny nose are common in the earliest stages of the drug detox process. Overwhelming fatigue coupled with sleeplessness can last for several days. Drug Detox in Bridgeport can help to safely wean you off of the drug or alcohol in the safest way possible.

This is a vulnerable time when an addict typically seeks relief with drugs. It's also the ideal time to get in touch with a drug detox treatment center. The staff at a licensed drug detox treatment facility can offer medical interventions and drug detox programs that make ‘kicking' a bad habit much easier than "going cold turkey." Detox can be miserable, but most addicts who manage to ditch the habit with the guidance of a qualified center for drug detox says that it was one of the best decisions they ever made for themselves.

Should You Check Into a Drug Detox Center?

If you spend way too much of your money, thoughts, or time on drugs, and if you want control of your life back, yes, you should. The duration of your stay in a center for drug detox will depend on the kind of drugs you've been using, how long you've been using, and the overall condition of your mental and physical health. Detox is not easy, but it doesn't have to be embarrassing. At a compassionate drug detox treatment facility you will be treated with care and respect.

According to the National Institutes of Health, shedding a narcotics habit may require ninety days or more in an inpatient facility. Recovering addicts who continue outpatient therapy and peer support groups after rehab fare better where relapse is concerned.

For a number of reasons, many people are wary of undergoing drug detox. Some attach a shameful stigma to time spent in an inpatient drug detox treatment center. This discouraging attitude prevents some people from seeking the treatment they need to get well.

For some addicts, several stretches of drug rehab in Bridgeport may be necessary to attain long term sobriety. That's okay. As they say in the program, "It takes what it takes." Ask anyone who's gotten clean, and they will tell you that drug detox in Bridgeport is well worth the time and effort. Call Bridgeport Drug Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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